Consumers today are sophisticated and in tune with instantaneous global communication. People in Australia can communicate “real time” with people in Texas, and companies can reach consumers with price breaks and deals just as quickly. A lot of “noise” has entered the marketplace, and it is no longer true that you can depend on your product or services getting to your key markets by simply travelling a straight line between points “A” and “B.”

People are best reached in a multitude of ways. The key is understanding this truth and navigating the best options to get to your customers in the most efficient, cost-effective ways possible.

Brick and mortar stores are still viable outlets to reach consumers, yet online and mobile orders continue to rise.

What’s more, consumers expect all orders placed to be delivered to a variety of locations including homes, offices, P.O. boxes, and more. With this shift in how commerce is occurring, distributors need fresh ways to meet these multiple channels of distribution while keeping costs under control.

What our clients have found after working with our team on this multi-channel approach are reduced costs versus our competition, improved throughput, and high levels of customer satisfaction.

Multi-channel solutions:

Cloud-based order fulfillment processing system accessible 24/7 anywhere, anytime

Real-time reporting via virtual technology portal

Immediate email tracking numbers to you and your customers so everyone knows the status of the product shipment

Returns processing, inspection, and relabeling for shipments

Sustainable practices, including recycling services that are regulatory compliant and meet security requirements

Your Success is Our Success

We are not about awards, we are about results. We continually search for fresh ideas and better solutions to help our partners succeed. The things they say after a job well done is much more meaningful than any plaque we might win.