How We Work

A Family of Companies to Fit Your Specific Need

Because of our size, structure, and agility, BexR Logistix®, LLC is highly responsive and able to offer scalable solutions with extremely competitive pricing. In addition to the spectrum of services under the BexR name, we are able to assist clients on a much broader range of potential needs through our partners in the Mission Family of Companies. These include:

Alamo Pharma Services

Offers complete operational and human resources support for pharmaceutical and biotech sales teams

Bio Comp Pharma, Inc.

Helps fill consumer demand for consistent high-quality generic pharmaceuticals

ProSolus, Inc.

Provides pioneering transdermal and transmucosal delivery systems to a wide range of patients and service line needs

Your Success is Our Success

We are not about awards, we are about results. We continually search for fresh ideas and better solutions to help our partners succeed. The things they say after a job well done is much more meaningful than any plaque we might win.