About Us

BexR Logistix®, LLC (“BexR”) creates, executes, and manages distribution, warehousing, and telesales solutions to deliver outstanding end results. BexR expands our clients’ ability to compete successfully in today’s marketplace.

We provide a complete spectrum of a premier, secure logistical support, and management services to a broad range of industries - from pharmaceuticals and biotech - to foods and more.

  • Comprehensive knowledge of your market
  • Highly flexible to meet your needs
  • Complete, detailed end-to-end delivery competence
  • Strategic approach to business challenges
  • Third-party logistics provider that puts YOU at the center of our work
  • Unique relational approach to telesales support

Most third-party logistics companies tout the same grocery list of standard services. The kinds of capabilities you have to offer simply to get in the conversation. The key from our standpoint is uncovering the differences between the companies, identifying what makes one group unique, and choosing the organization that will help your business grow. To us, it’s all about the people - hardworking, committed to our clients’ success, and easy to work with - and our approach in helping our clients customize our services to match their needs. 

Your Success is Our Success

We are not about awards, we are about results. We continually search for fresh ideas and better solutions to help our partners succeed. The things they say after a job well done is much more meaningful than any plaque we might win.